7 Tips On How To Win Playing Online Casino


We all want to win by playing real money online casino games. But what can be done to beat the house and walk away happy with your winnings? The casino industry is worth billions and naturally, every online casino is doing everything it can to make money.

Of course, there is always a risk whenever you bet money online. There is always a good chance you will be unlucky and lose. But we continue to play because without risk there can be no reward! There will always be losers, but there must also be winners.

You can tip the odds back in your favor and give yourself an advantage over the house by following our 7 tips on how to win playing online casino games.

  • Check the odds
    Online casino games have different odds. Make sure you know what the average return to player percentage is for slot games. If your chosen slot is less than 90% it is very low! There are plenty of online slots with percentages of 96% and higher. By checking the information in the game and researching a little on online casino review sites you can get an idea of what kinds of payout you can expect from your gameplay.

    There are also key differences in table games such as roulette. Did you know that the odds of winning in European Roulette are better than playing American Roulette? The reason is simple – American roulette has 38 pockets, including a single zero, double zero, and numbers 1 through 36. European roulette has 37 pockets, including a single zero and numbers 1 through 36.

    The additional double zero pockets on the American roulette wheel increase the house edge and reduce the player’s odds of winning. In American roulette, the house edge is 5.26%, while in European roulette, the house edge is 2.70%. This means that the odds of winning on a single number bet in European roulette are 1 in 37, while the odds of winning on a single number bet in American roulette are 1 in 38.

    So by making this simple choice between one game and another you increase your chance of winning in the online casino!
  • Set limits
    If you are smart, you will set limits for yourself before you even begin to play. Think about how long you wish to play for, and what your target win amount is. If the most amount you are going to play with is $50, then that is your limit! Don’t start chasing your losses by depositing more than your self-agreed limit at the start of your session.

    If you think it will be cool to walk away with a $100 profit, make sure you cash out when you reach your target. It is all too easy to keep playing beyond your limit, after which time you might hit an unlucky streak and lose it all back to the casino.
  • Play strategically
    Slots is an entirely random game but when you play online blackjack, you can affect the odds of winning. By playing the perfect strategy, you can decrease the house edge to less than 1%. This gives you a much better chance of walking away as an online casino winner.

    The best way to learn the perfect blackjack strategy is to practice online. There are plenty of online resources that will show you when it’s best to hit, stand and double based on the cards you have and the ones the dealer has. You can play free demo versions of blackjack and multi-hand blackjack. This way you can learn the perfect strategy without risking your own money.
  • Maximize your bonus
    Many online casinos offer new players bonus money when they join. This means when you make a real money deposit, the casino will give you some extra bonus money to play with. Thus, you’ll be able to bet on more casino rounds since your balance will be greater.

    However, it is extremely important that you check the terms and conditions of the bonus before you accept it. You want to make sure that you will be able to withdraw your winnings. You will most likely be required to fulfill a wagering requirement on your bonus and while doing so, there will be limits on how much you can bet per game round.

    If you break any of the bonus terms, the casino might withhold your winnings. Don’t let them! Make sure you read the rules first, so you can play confidently.
  • Earn cashback
    Some online casinos offer users loyalty points they earn whilst they play that can be converted into bonuses, free spins or real cash. Other operators may offer you cashback on your losses. Ok, so we did say these tips are about winning in the casino, but at least you would get something back at the end of your gaming session; and with these funds, you might win should you choose to play with them!
  • Play Safely
    Make sure you play at a safe online casino. By safe we mean one that uses SSL encryption to safeguard your personal data such as credit card information. You should also check where the online casino is licensed as different licenses mean more or less stringent rules the casino has to follow.

    Additionally, it’s a good idea to check online casino reviews to see other users’ experiences and expert ratings to make sure the casino is trustworthy and fair. It’s imperative to know that the casino is honest and will pay you, as otherwise, you have no chance of winning at all.
  • Stay Focused
    Don’t gamble when you are tired or intoxicated! When we’re not so alert, we’re more likely to make poorly judged decisions. Or react impulsively. This means you are far more likely to burn through your winnings or place bets larger than your budget will allow.

    When gambling you should always be focused and fully in control. For this reason, it is also good to set yourself a time limit. When playing for long periods of time you will lose focus, so always take breaks. This will also give you a chance to take stock of your net position so you can choose to quit while you’re ahead and leave the casino as a winner.