Are You More Likely to Win on Slots or Horse Racing?

Win on Slots or Horse Racing

When it comes to gambling, you often hear people talk about how it’s all about having fun. And while this isn’t inaccurate, it is also true that every gambler wants to make a profit more than anything else. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

To make a profit while gambling, you need to play responsibly, manage your budget, and understand that games and products are different from one another and require different strategies. Most importantly, you need to be mindful of the fact that winning often comes to pure luck even if there are certain things you can do to improve your odds.

In this article, we’re comparing slots to horse racing – two popular gambling products. Both provide the chance of winning money, but in two totally different ways. 

Slot Machines

In order to make money playing slots, you have to understand how slots work. Slot games are based on a Random Number Generator (RNG). An algorithm in the background of each slot runs countless combinations and chooses a random outcome on every spin. 

This means that there is no way or strategy to predict the outcome of a spin. Every slot is also programmed to work in favor of the casino by having an RTP that is less than 100%. As an example, most slots have an RTP of 96%, which means that you’re expected to win $96 from every $100 wagered (in the long run).

So, how do you win on slots? The short answer is, you don’t. You simply have to be lucky. However, there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Choose to play slots that have a higher RTP (some have up to 99%)
  • Make use of bonuses that casinos offer as they increase your overall RTP
  • Stop playing whenever you’re ahead

The only strategy that actually works to beat slots in the long run is to use bonuses and play high RTP games. If the bonus has a low enough wagering requirement and the slot a high enough RTP, you will be expected to end up with a profit once the bonus has been fully wagered. 

But what about progressive jackpots? You may have seen the huge jackpots that slots can pay. For instance, the Mega Moolah franchise of slots regularly pays several million and it’s possible to win it with only a small stake.  

Now, it is true that some slot players have made a huge profit from jackpots like these. However, the chances of winning one are equal to that of winning a lottery, about one in 34 million. In other words, you have to be incredibly lucky to win. Most players will just lose and lose and never win while chasing jackpots.

Horse Racing

In difference to slots, horse racing is a much more controllable gambling product. While every race may have a factor of luck in it, there is also a good amount of skill. You’re able to research each participating horse, check the weather conditions and then estimate each horse’s winning chance.

The most skilled sports and horse racing bettors, will compare the odds that bookies offer to their own estimated probabilities. Based on that, they only place bets on odds that are high enough that they are guaranteed to win money in the long run (assuming that their predicted probabilities are correct). 

But does this mean that you can win horse racing bets more frequently?

Not necessarily because it all comes down to the choices you make. However, if you’re knowledge is good enough and you make the right choices, you can become a long-term profitable bettor which isn’t really achievable with slots. 

To beat horse racing as a beginner, you want to use a betting guide to learn all the important details. There are many to be found online, including those that specifically target popular events such as the Kentucky Derby

You must know though that horse racing is a very unpredictable sport with many variables that come into play. Anything from weather conditions to the horse’s mood, the trainer and jockey, past performances, and tiredness of the horse are factors to consider. 

Therefore, predicting which horse will win the race isn’t as easy as it sounds. But one thing is for sure. Horse racing is definitely much more controllable than playing slots. 

And while horse racing doesn’t come close to the huge jackpots that slot machines offer, it is still possible go win a good chunk of money on a single bet. After all, there are a lot of underdogs that win races when nobody expects, like Rich Strike, winning the Kentucky Derby with 80-1 odds.

So, Who’s Winning the Profitability Derby?

When you put it all on the line, horse racing is the more reliable option, while slots are more luck based. However, the line between the two is pretty thin as someone who is knowledgeable and skilled enough to know what they’re doing can actually make a profit from both products. 

The casual gambler, on the other hand, would have to rely on luck and in this case, slots may be pulling ahead thanks to their winning potential that is much higher – at least so compared to what you stake. 

Slots are also easier to learn, including the strategies that can help you make a profit. Horse racing requires much more dedication and time spent analyzing past results, current forms, etc. In a nutshell, you have to be passionate about horse racing for it to be a viable option.  

At the end of the day though, we agree with the people that says gambling should be all about having fun. We suggest that you indulge in whatever game or product that you enjoy the most.