Play’n GO’s Approach of “Flexible Freedom” Revolutionizes Remote Work Culture


April 26, 2023 – Play’n GO, a renowned name in the world of casino entertainment, has redefined its work culture with the philosophy of “flexible freedom,” fostering trust, energy, and quality in its team. This innovative approach, as explained by James Trusler, the Chief People Officer (CPO) at Play’n GO, is transforming the way the company and its workforce operate in the digital-first working environment.

With the global shift in work dynamics primarily due to the pandemic, Play’n GO has successfully adapted its working model to continue providing top-tier casino entertainment. The company, which operates with a mix of remote and office-based colleagues worldwide, has adopted the “flexible freedom” concept, which focuses on trust and granting their team the autonomy to thrive. 

This approach leads to an outcome-focused work style, rather than a strict working structure. The company believes that by focusing on desired outcomes, they can significantly enhance the creativity and problem-solving abilities of their teams, ultimately resulting in the production of more captivating games.

Transitioning to a digital-first workplace was not without challenges. Ensuring open channels for communication and collaboration across the team was a crucial aspect that Play’n GO needed to address. Leveraging digital platforms, the company has managed to maintain and even enhance cross-team communication, which is particularly important given the diverse range of expertise required to build a great game.

A significant area of focus for Play’n GO in this transition was the mental health of team members. While remote working has its advantages, such as eliminating long commutes and allowing individuals to set up their own working environments, it can also potentially lead to feelings of isolation. To combat this, Play’n GO has established a support line for team members to reach out whenever they need to.

The company has also been concerned about preserving its culture in a digital-first environment. Play’n GO has always been proud of the culture it has built over more than 15 years, characterized by forward-thinking, pioneering creativity. They believe that an organic culture, derived from the individuals making up their teams, can flourish even without a shared physical space.

Play’n GO’s transition to a digital-first approach has not been about cutting costs or shirking responsibility, but about growing as a company and as individuals. Despite the challenges, they firmly believe this is the best way forward in the current global context.

Play’n GO is an established slot provider of high-quality online gaming content, catering to some of the world’s leading casino brands. Known for its innovative, entertaining, and reliable games, the company has carved a unique identity in the gaming industry. Their recent transition to a digital-first, remote work culture is just another step in their continuous evolution, as they continue to lead and adapt in an ever-changing market.