Slots Strategy: How to Be a Better Slots Player


Online slots are the most popular games at online casinos by some way. Why? Because they are so simple to play. They offer fast, intense gambling. We hit that button, watch the reels spin and hope they land in our favour.

As we win and lose over and over, we’ve all wondered whether a strategy could be developed to bend the spins to our will. Some might even believe they have one, based on misguided ideas about the time of day that a slot might be ‘hot’ or the sequence of bets required to force a game to pay out. 

The truth is, there is no strategy for fixed-odds betting machines. You are in the hands of the gambling gods and at the whims of the slot algorithm. But that doesn’t mean that a little education can’t help you. Whilst there is no such thing as strategy, understanding how different slots work can at least help you to pick games that suit your attitude to risk, your budget and your tastes.

So, with that in mind, here are 6 tips to help you become a better slots player. 

Understand RTP and Find Games With High RTP

There are many elements that go into making up the online slot experience, but when it comes down to the maths, RTP is the most important. This percentage figure, usually somewhere between 95% and 97%, tells you how much of all the money wagered on it, a slot will pay out in prices. 

For example, at 96%, £96 in every £100 will come back in winnings. The number is calculated and verified by testing houses by simulating billions of spins so it won’t accurately reflect every session you have, but it’s an important indicator.  In simple terms, the higher the RTP, the better your chances of walking away with a positive balance. 

So, when you are considering which slot to play next, keep this in mind. It doesn’t have to be your deciding factor, but it’s definitely in the mix. 

Look For Games With a High Maximum Win

Alongside RTP you may also want to consider the maximum win available from a game. This is the very highest amount that can be paid out from one spin. It is always expressed as a multiple of your stake. So, a 10,000x maximum win means that you can win up to £10,000 with a £1 bet.

Maximum wins range from just 100x on some old slots to as high as 300,000x on the latest games. Some studios, like Nolimit City for example, specialise in producing games with huge potential payouts. 

As well as the maximum payout, you should also consider the odds of hitting that big win, which will be extremely low. For example, Nolimit City’s The Border has a top win of 44,288x, but the odds according to their website are 1 in 44 million spins! 

It sounds impossible, but there are 1,000s of players spinning these games every day, and maximum wins are regularly recorded and posted on YouTube every month. 

Choose a Sensible Stake Value for Your Budget

Back to reality with a bump and let’s talk about stake. 

When choosing how much to bet on each spin you should keep in mind how much you have in your budget for your session. If you have £10 then there is little point in betting £1 per spin or you could lose it all in minutes.  Starting at 20p, or even 10p, will make your balance go further and give you longer on the reels.

How fast you lose your money may depend on something called volatility. Highly volatile slots produce fewer wins, but in large amounts when they drop. They are high risk for high reward and burn your balance faster than low volatility games. So bear this in mind too.

The rules is understand the volatility of the game you are playing first, then consider your overall balance, then set your stake accordingly.

Understand the Different Mechanics Before You Start 

Slots should be about having fun, and that can’t happen if you are wildly confused by what is happening on the reels in front of your eyes. Some slots these days are feature-heavy and require a lot of concentration to understand why you are or aren’t winning on each spin.

Mechanics like Splitting Cells, Expanding Reels, xWays and Echo Spins are just a few of the sophisticated features that developers like Nolimit City, Big Time Gaming and Hacksaw Gaming have built in recent years to keep players entertained. They are great fun when know how they work, but baffling when you don’t.

Our advice is, when approaching a slot like this, spin the game in demo mode a few times before wagering your own cash to get to grips with the mayhem unfolding on the reels.  

Play At a Slot Site With a Generous Bonus Policy

Optimising your deposit by picking good value bonuses is key to success in today’s online casino market. There are lots of good deals about, some even offering free spins where winnings are paid in withdrawable cash. 

Make sure you understand how wagering requirements work first. Then pick a deal that rewards your deposit level appropriately – if you fund £200, find a deal that matches up to £200 for example – and gives you play on your favourite slots. 

You can easily double your slots play time in this way.

Never Chase Your Losses

And finally, the best advice of all … know when to call it a day. 

We’ve all had times when we’ve been on a losing streak and made a few too many bets to try to get back on track. It’s always a bad idea. Much better to take a break and come back another day when your luck might be in.

In Conclusion

There is no strategy that can improve your odds of winning on slots. But following the advice on this page will help you to enjoy your favourite game more and find new ones that suit your style. So, when you are next at an online casino, refer to this article and you will be a better player for it.