Drops & Wins Slots: A Deep Dive Into Their Mechanics


A unique offering from Pragmatic Play, Drops and Wins Slots are gaining popularity among gamers worldwide for the exclusive promotions they bring. These slots stand apart due to their added rewards, including random prize drops and competitive tournaments, wherein players can take home generous cash prizes.

How Drops & Wins Slots Work: Participating and Winning

Players participating in these Pragmatic Play promotions enjoy an added advantage as they stand a chance to win extra money while playing the provider’s games. Players can take part in the promotion by playing the slots eligible for the current promotion while sticking to the minimum bet limits. 

Promotions are run over long durations, like the one from April 5th, 2023 to March 6th, 2024. Pragmatic Play is adding €30 million in extra prizes through prize drops and tournaments during this period. The promotional event consists of 336 days of daily prize drops and 48 weekly tournaments.

Prize Drops

Prize Drops are an extra reward on the existing slot prizes, randomly won while spinning the reels. To qualify, players must place a minimum bet of a certain amount. While there is a limit on the number of prize drops per day, the same player may receive multiple drops. Each prize drop has different tiers, with some offering higher rewards than others. What you get is all up to luck..

Example conditions:

  • Daily prize pool: €35,000
  • Daily top prize: €2,500
  • Maximum prize drops per day: 1,500
  • Minimum bet to participate: €0.5


Tournaments are weekly contests where players compete on a leaderboard for prizes. These tournaments may vary in terms of rules and win conditions. Some common conditions include achieving the highest single coin win or completing ingame challenges for leaderboard points. 

These challenges can involve:

  • Earning points for each net positive win made. For instance, betting €1 and winning €2.
  • Earning points for consecutive game rounds with a net loss. For instance, betting €1 and winning less than €1 for two game rounds in a row.
  • Earning points for every big win made with more points earned the bigger the win. For instance, betting €1 and winning €20 would be a 20x multiplicative big win.

Example of a tournament:

  • Weekly prize pool: €250,000
  • Weekly top prize: €25,000
  • Total prizes to be won: 10,000
  • Minimum bet to participate: €0.5

Full rules of each prize drop and tournament, along with tournament leaderboards, can be found by launching a slot included in the drops and wins promotion.

Eligible Slots

Each Drops and Wins promotion includes different Pragmatic Play slots. The best way to identify these games is to visit a casino site promoting the offer. Complete rules can be found in the promotional section of the site, and eligible slots may be listed under the casino’s game selection.

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Are Drops and Wins Just for Slots?

No, Pragmatic Play also runs drops and wins promotions for their live casino games.

Where Can I Play Drops and Wins Slots?

Any casino partnered with Pragmatic Play offers Drops and Wins slots. While many casinos have a designated section for eligible slots, some may not. However, anyone who plays at a site featuring Pragmatic Play slots can participate in the campaign by simply opening an eligible slot.

Why Is Pragmatic Play Running Drops and Wins Promotions?

The Drops and Wins promotions aim to attract more players to Pragmatic Play’s games amidst a competitive online casino industry. It creates a winwin situation where it earns the provider more money, while also offering players the chance to win extra prizes without any drawback.

Do Prize Drops Affect the RTP of the Slot?

No, the slot’s RTP remains the same, regardless of the prize drop promotion. Prize drops are additional prizes over the standard payouts, effectively increasing the slot’s overall RTP.

Are Drops and Wins Prizes Instantly Cashable?

Yes, any money won from a prize drop or a tournament can be instantly cashed out without any wagering requirements.

Do Tournaments and Prize Drops Run Simultaneously?

Yes, players can participate in a tournament and still stand a chance to win a random prize drop, and vice versa.