Navigating Zynga’s Hit It Rich! Slots App – A Free-to-Play Social Casino Game


With Hit It Rich! Slots, Zynga brings all the excitement of Las Vegas casinos right into your living room! The slots game offers fantastic features and massive jackpots and is a way to spin the reels better than ever before.

Claim your Big Win and enjoy exciting casino-style games with Stick & Win bonuses, jackpots, and much more! Share the joy of playing by finding friends in the game, and send bonus coins to help each other succeed! 

The Hit it Rich free online slots game comes with a 60 million coin welcome bonus—better get spinning! Earn daily rewards by playing this game, track your progress by connecting it to Facebook, and enjoy an unhindered experience across all your devices. 

How to Get Started with the Slots App?

You can play Hit It! Rich mobile slots on your mobile, computer, tablet, or Amazon Kindle Fire. Download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play. Compete with friends and connect to Facebook so you can save your game progress on multiple devices.

  • You must create an account to use the app.
  • To start the app, you need to enter your password and then your mobile number or email address.
  • After you have entered the OTP sent to your mobile number, clicked on “Register,” and received confirmation of registration, your registration will be complete.
  • Click “Sign In” after signing up, and you will be directed to the login screen.
  • You can sign in by entering your phone number and connecting with social media accounts like Facebook or Gmail. Personal data will be collected through these channels.
  • Once you have logged in, launch the app to start playing.
  • To play, choose a slot machine and place your bet. Then press the spin button!
  • While the slot game loads, you can explore its features.
  • You can increase or decrease your wager by tapping on the minus or plus signs.

What to Expect While Playing the Slots?

Vegas-style casino action is brought to life with stunning graphics and sound effects. All of the online slot machines are meticulously crafted to look like the real ones. The game combines the look and feel of Vegas-style slots with themes that include The Wizard of Oz, The Terminator, and Farmville 2 as well as other Zynga products.

The game features numerous five-reel slots, each of which offers a different number of lines and bet size options. Once three “Bonus” symbols appear on pay lines, extra coins are awarded for exceeding friends’ scores.

As players progress through the game, they unlock new levels, raise their bets, and increase loyalty points. Every bet awards experience points. Once enough has been accumulated, the player reaches a new level.

There are five levels of play, from Tin to Platinum. Players can participate in tournaments and earn rewards for accomplishing certain goals within the game itself.

Play Bonus Games and Daily Bonuses to boost your earnings. Hit It Rich! Slots offer a fun casino experience and mini-games for all players! Connect with Facebook and share your free spin or coin giveaways with all of your friends.

How to Get the Payout?

The Hit It Rich! Slot pays out in the form of free coins. 

What Is Rich Pass?

Rich Pass is a feature that unlocks new challenges each day, allowing you to earn points and rewards simply for playing the game.

What is Rich Pass Gold?

Rich Pass Gold is a limited-edition upgrade that offers huge rewards, including the chance to earn an extra chest. When you open up Rich Pass Gold in your game window, all available prizes will show up there so you can see everything on offer before making your purchase.

What is the Weekly Race?

The Weekly Race is a competition where one hundred players compete with each other. Players in the top ranks receive prizes and perks while being promoted to the next level—where bigger prizes await those who succeed.

What is Rich! Collections?

Rich! Collections are limited-edition collectible card items available in the game—find them all to complete collections and win huge rewards.

What is Coin Boss?

Coin Boss is a competition that lasts for a limited time and allows 100 players to participate. The player who wins the most coins in each round moves on to the next. The better you do and the more games you win, the better your rewards will be.

What is Elite?

Elite is a feature that provides you with perks, including bonus coins on every bet and a free gift for purchasing Coins. In addition, you can also win special prizes delivered to your gift box!

How to Get Free Coins in Zynga’s Hit It Rich! Slots?

The game rewards you with free coins every two hours. And as your VIP status rises, so does the amount of free coins that you earn. You can also get free coins by having your friends send them to you, and there’s always the option of buying coins if you run out of them. 

Do Hit It Rich! Slots Cheats and Hacks Work?

Cheats and hacks for slots can often be found on third-party sites. Cheat codes for slots may seem like a big advantage, but they’re not the best way to enjoy free slot gaming. It’s best to play these slots as a form of entertainment because you won’t risk losing any real money.

When was the Slot App Released?

Zynga released its most anticipated Hit It Rich! free-to-play slots worldwide on July 13, 2013.

Are the Slot Games Mobile-Friendly?

Yes, you can play the game using your mobile or tablet since it’s an app optimized for mobile devices.

How to Play Willy Wonka Slots on Facebook?

You can play the Hit It Rich! Slots on Facebook by creating a game account and syncing it with your personal profile.

Does Zynga Offer Other Social Slot Apps?

Yes, Zynga offers other social slots apps, including,