Navigating The Wizard of Oz Slots by Zynga – A Free-to-Play Social Casino App


The Wizard of Oz Slots by Zynga is a social gaming app containing a series of slots based on MGM’s 1939 musical fantasy film of the same title. Those who’ve watched it will instantly recognize the characters – Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion – that have been used as elements in the games.

Together, they wend their way through the Yellow Brick Road and into the Emerald City to meet the Wizard. As you spin the reels and level up, the story unfolds, and new games get unlocked – each depicting an important scene from the movie. Meanwhile, you also collect perks such as higher max bet limits, free credits, and more.

Targetted primarily at mobile gamers who look for freemium slots, Zynga’s The Wizard of Oz Slots comes with a 5X3 layout, outstanding graphics, and captivating soundtracks. The app is available for download on iOS, Android, as well as Amazon Kindle Fire.

To amp up the excitement, connect it to Facebook. Sync your progress and get a free credit bonus. Send and receive gifts when you play with family and friends.

How to Get Started with the Slots App?

Wizard of Oz Mobile Slots is available for download on desktops, tablets, and Amazon Kindle Fire via Apple App Store or Google Play. Link your account to Facebook, play with friends, or sync it across devices.

First, create an account to start using the app. Complete the sign-in process upon signing up. Then, select a slot machine, place your wager and spin the reels. 

What to Expect While Playing the Slots?

In the Wizard of Oz slots by Zynga, unlocking new machines is a way to piece together the movie’s plotline as you advance through its chapters. The game’s unique combination of mini-games and dual reels presents players with various ways to win big, absolutely free.

As you follow the Yellow Brick Road, unlocking new machines and sending free gifts along the way, you can also follow your friends on their Journeys to unlock more rewards.

This new version of the classic puzzle game combines elements from The Wizard of Oz movie with fun characters and thrilling gameplay. Use Glinda the Good Witch’s magic wheel, Dorothy’s ruby slippers, Munchkin lollipops, and Tin Man’s axe to solve puzzles and set out towards the Land of Oz.

You must be quick and prepared for a fight because the Wicked Witch of the West is coming after you! The more tiles you collect at the end of each level, the better your chances are of defeating her.

If you grab the Season Pass, you can complete in-game tasks and earn lucrative rewards that are only available for a limited period. By purchasing the Premium Pass for a season, you can claim both free and premium rewards as you cross each tier. Players can earn power-ups, unlimited lives, and Emerald Points — all of which can help them advance to new levels. 

Travel through Munchkinland, the Haunted Forest, and other magical lands as you make your way from Kansas to Emerald City.

What are Clans?

You and your clan members can work together to complete milestones, earning rewards everyone can enjoy. This feature is available once you’ve reached Level 36.

What is Emerald City Bazaar?

With Emerald City Bazaar, you can earn Emerald points that may help get you to the top of the Leaderboard. Collect items as you encounter new levels and trade them in. The goal will change, so look closely at what’s required of each challenge!

What is the Munchkin Prize Parade?

Munchkin Prize Parade is a feature that allows players to earn rewards for winning multiple levels in a row without failing. To advance through the game, you must complete the objectives in each tier. If you fail an objective the first time, there is no reward, and your progress will fall back to level 1 on that attempt.

What is Land of Oz Legends all about?

With Land of Oz Legends, you can play more while waiting to be promoted to the next level. You’ll gain great rewards by finishing new goals!

What are the Magic Keys of Oz?

In Magic Keys of Oz, you can earn a magic Key by beating a level on your first try. Use these keys to open Mystery Baskets and find new characters and rewards!

What is the Lullaby League event?

Lullaby League will clear away pieces and reset the board. You can choose where to start over. Ballerinas are Lullaby League icons, replacing Glinda for its duration. When the meter is full, players can place the Ballerina anywhere on a highlighted portion of their screen, and she will then fly to that area of the level to collect gems and avoid perils.

What is Oz Storybooks?

Oz Storybooks are a series of quests that form their own story arc. Players will receive free moves daily to advance their characters through the levels, earning Story Points based on how many boosts, hazards, and power-ups they use.

The Story Points are used to fill in the blank spaces of each story and unlock new ones. Each story is then added to the player’s library upon completion.

How to Get the Payout?

You can collect your winnings from the Wizard of Oz slot in the form of free coins, power-ups, unlimited lives, tickets, and other fantastic rewards.

How to Hit the Jackpot?

The Bonus Wheel offers players a chance to win the Jackpot and receive great rewards.

How to Get Free Coins in Zynga’s Wizard of Oz Slots?

Players need to purchase coins when they run out of them. Apart from that, Wizard of Oz Slots Casino gives you a chance to earn extra coins by spinning and leveling up. Players can keep spinning the reels as long as they want, gaining more coins along the way!

Do Wizard of Oz Slots Cheats and Hacks Work?

While third-party cheat codes are available for these slots, they are not a great way to play the games. You should focus on spinning the reels for fun, as no real money risk is involved. 

When was the Slot App Released?

The Wizard of Oz Slots App was released globally in 2014. 

Are the Slot Games Mobile-Friendly?

Of course. Zynga’s Wizard of Oz slot is optimized for mobile play as it is technically a mobile application. 

How to Play Wizard of Oz Slots on Facebook?

To play the Wizard of Oz slots on Facebook, connect to your account and sync it.

Does Zynga Offer Other Social Slot Apps?

Yes, some of the other popular social slot apps by Zynga are: