Navigating Zynga’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Slots App


Zynga’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory slots is a social-gaming app featuring a series of slot machine games based on the iconic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.

Join Charlie as he visits Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and explores its quirks and wonders. Discover the magical world of candies and chocolates as you advance through levels by making it all the way to the chocolate factory.

Every level of this game is set in a different area of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and includes audio clips from the movie. You can enjoy delicious Free Spins, a huge variety of Big Wins, Wonka Wins, and Wonkavator Wins as well as multiple bonuses on your way to winning BIG.

Earn free credits every day. You can play this game online or offline. Your progress will be saved across all your devices if you connect it to Facebook. 

How to Get Started with the Slots App?

You can use the Willy Wonka mobile slots app on your desktop, tablet, or Amazon Kindle Fire devices. Install it on your device by downloading the app from Apple App Store or Google Play. Connect it to Facebook to play with fellow slot players and sync your progress across all your devices.

  • To get started using the app, you must sign up.
  • Start the app by entering your password, referral code, mobile number, and email address.
  • Once you’ve entered the OTP sent to your mobile number as confirmation and clicked on “Register,” your registration will be complete.
  • To log into the app, restart it after signing up. The “Sign In” button will appear for you to click through and finish your login process.
  • You can sign in by entering your phone number or connecting your social media accounts like Facebook or Gmail. These will be used to collect personal data.
  • Once you have logged in to the app, launch it to begin playing.
  • To play, simply pick a machine and place your wager. Then spin the reels!
  • When the slot game is loading, you can explore its features before it begins.
  • You can adjust the size of your wager by tapping on the minus or plus signs.

What to Expect While Playing the Slots?

Get rich by spinning the reels of this delectable free-to-play slot by Zynga. In the Wonka’s Secret Recipes mini-game, you can create your personal basket full of crazy candies from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Let Charlie be your guide as he shows you around Willy Wonka’s incredible chocolate factory. Zynga’s fantastic Willy Wonka slots combine the experience of this legendary musical fantasy film and the thrill of casino games.

These free-to-play casino slots take you through the Chocolate Factory, with each level immersing you deeper into the mysteries within. The game features 3 types of bonuses, including the 3 Course Bonus, Streak Bonus, and VIP Bonus. 

The exhilaration of slot machine wins is multiplied by the scrumptious free-spin jackpots. Earn sweet rewards and extra coins by spinning the prize wheel. Join the weekly slot challenge to compete against other players. Become a Wonka’s VIP Slots Club member and enjoy an exclusive entry to premium casino machines.

Purchase the Premium Pass to receive special rewards and challenges. Rev your engine with the thrilling cards collection to enhance your gameplay. Willy Wonka slots will satisfy players’ sweet tooth with their delicious wins!

How to Get the Payout?

You can collect your winnings from the Willy Wonka slot in free coins.

How to Hit the Jackpot?

To win the jackpot, you must bet enough credits on a stage to be in with a chance of hitting it. The more credits you use on that attempt, the higher your chances are of winning the jackpot. 

To even have a chance of winning, you’ll need at least 10 Billion credits. So, start saving now if you want to try and hit the jackpot!

What is Wonka’s Adventure Labs?

Wonka’s Adventure Lab is a feature in the slots where you join Willy Wonka in expanding the Chocolate Factory. You assist him in creating new machines and Oompa Loompas in making delicious chocolates. In the process, you win rewards.

What are Charlie’s Challenges?

In Willy Wonka Slot games, players will come across a series of challenges that will reward them with Coins, Wonka Bars, Room Preview, and Golden Eggs. Together, they are known as Charlie’s Challenges.

What is Golden Ticket?

Golden Ticket is a feature in Willy Wonka slots that can be unlocked by collecting “Wonka Bars.”

What are Wonka Bars?

Wonka Bars are part of the Willy Wonka Slot games. When a Wonka Bar is won, it is placed at the center of the game screen. Tap to unwrap it and reveal the prize. When collected, Wonka Bars give you a small amount of coins, a small Jackpot, or the Progressive Jackpot. You can get them from randomly spinning reels or as a gift from friends.

The odds of winning credit prizes for each Wonka Bar are listed below:

  • 50,000 – 25% chance
  • 60,000 – 25% chance
  • 75,000 – 25% chance
  • 150,000 – 25% chance

For every 100,000 bet, there is a 1 in 250 million chance of getting the Top Prize.

What is the Supercharge mode?

Supercharge mode is a higher-betting version of the Willy Wonka Slots that can pay out significantly greater prizes. Supercharge mode is only available after you reach a certain level in the Lab. Once unlocked, it can be used by clicking on “Enable Supercharge” whenever you want to enable it.

What is Candy Crackle?

Candy Crackle is an exciting event in Willy Wonka Slots. During this limited-time adventure, you can smash Candies with Hammers to earn exciting rewards that make sweet, popping sounds!

What is a Berry Bear Bank?

The Berry Bear Bank is a special account where you can store your credits earned by playing on any machine in the casino or purchasing items from Candy Shop. You may withdraw these coins when the bank reaches a certain amount of money.

What is Magic Win?

Magic Win is a fun, exciting event. Each time it’s activated, the game will reward you according to your highest-scoring match during that period – once the timer runs out and all scores are tallied, you’ll get whatever prizes were awarded for those matches.

What is Bubble Trouble?

During the 3-day Bubble Trouble event, bubbles randomly appear on your reels and rise to the top of the screen. Tapping on these bubbles will give you credits!

How to Get Free Coins in Zynga’s Willy Wonka Slots?

Players will need to purchase additional coins when their in-game stock of free coins is depleted. However, the Willy Wonka Slots Casino awards free coins through its Three Course Bonuses. You will also receive more coins as you advance through the game.

Do Willy Wonka Slots Cheats and Hacks Work?

You can often find cheats and hacks for slots on third-party sites. Third-party cheat codes can be tempting when playing free slots, but they’re not the best way to enjoy the gaming experience. It’s better to play these slots for fun, as you won’t risk any real money.

When was the Slots App Released?

Zynga released its iconic Willy Wonka free-to-play slots worldwide on March 31, 2016.

Are the Slot Games Mobile-Friendly?

Absolutely. It’s primarily an app designed for mobile players.

How to Play Willy Wonka Slots on Facebook?

You can play the Willy Wonka slots on Facebook by connecting your account to Facebook and then syncing it.  

Does Zynga Offer Other Social Slot Apps?

Other social slot apps offered by Zynga include,